Breakthroughs In Mental Health And Career Came After Hearing Gospel Preached

Three years ago, I was drowning in a world of depression and suicidal thoughts. I was also in an abusive relationship. When I became too afraid to leave my house, I could not go to work and simply sat at home in the dark. I felt as though I was waiting to die. Soon, I had to be placed on a 5150 (72-hour involuntary psychiatric hold) and was prescribed psychotropic medications.

After my discharge from the hospital, I began to watch Pastor Prince on television daily. I felt inspired and strengthened by his program. I also began to hear the Word of God and understand the Bible for the first time.

Today, I’m no longer under psychotropic medication. I’ve also started working with vigor and commitment for the glory of God. I should have lost my job, but by God’s grace, I got a promotion, two pay raises, vacation time, and a great new supervisor! Best of all, God gave me strength to leave my abusive, toxic relationship.

Pastor Prince, your messages of hope have resuscitated my spirit and your preaching of grace sustains me today. You’ve taught me so much about the Word and introduced me to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I also realized I had wrong believing before.

Thanks to you, I now have a real relationship with Jesus. He has become a part of my every day. Thanks to you, I’m continuing to grow in faith and I enjoy sharing my spiritual experiences with others. My family has also seen a difference in me.

Thank you for your ministry and all the work that you do. Please keep leading people to Christ with the gospel of grace.

California, United States