Brother’s Miraculous Healing and Salvation

I am from the Philippines and have been residing in Singapore. I started watching New Creation Church’s services in March 2020. I even asked my family members, especially my brother, in the Philippines to tune in. For 2 weeks, I kept sending the sermon excerpts to my brother to get him to watch.

In April, I got the news that my brother had a stroke and had to be admitted into the hospital. Though I was shocked and scared, I quickly calmed myself down and called my family members in the Philippines to partake of the holy Communion together. I also prayed Psalm 91 over my brother and anointed myself with the anointing oil on his behalf.

Initially, my brother was rejected by a few hospitals as he had displayed symptoms of COVID-19. Thankfully, a hospital finally agreed to send my brother for a scan which confirmed that he was not infected with the virus. However, he was still in a critical condition. We were told that if he did not respond well to the medication, he might have to undergo surgery. During this time, I contacted the church for prayers and was encouraged greatly.

After just 3 days in the intensive care unit, the doctors told us that my brother was improving and could be transferred to a normal ward. On the 7th day, he was discharged! According to the doctor, my brother’s condition should have been worse, and it was a miracle that he could be discharged so early.

Even as my brother was recovering at home, I knew that God has never stopped showing him love and grace. Eventually, we experienced another miracle when my brother accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

Praise the Lord! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for unveiling God’s grace and teaching us on the power of the holy Communion and anointing oil!

Ren Aquino