Business Received Contracts During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, my company sustained over US$100,000 of directly lost business as our regular clients had to pull their budgets. But God is faithful as He prepares our storehouses in advance.

Two years ago, we received a government contract and won a regional award for our work, which we excelled at. On March 31, 2020, we signed a contract renewal at almost 2 times the original budget and this has more than made up for our lost businesses.

In the same month, as the COVID-19 situation was worsening in Singapore, one of our clients contacted us to request for a favor. They wanted to give us payment for a future project and asked us to send the invoice to them by noon the next day. It was a 5-digit figure and the equivalent of a few staff’s payroll!

The blessings did not end there. Psalm 23:6 says that His goodness and hesed will hunt me down. Our company had been eyeing a new client but due to COVID-19, their marketing budget was frozen, and they could only consider working with us in June. However, out of blue in mid-April, the client reached out to us with a 5-digit commitment.

Praise the Lord for His provision!