Experienced Favor, Blessed with Better Job Offer During COVID-19

I was in the banking and finance industry and was retrenched while on an overseas assignment. When I came back to Singapore, I took on jobs in different industries but nothing lasted. I attended a professional course sponsored by the Government to make a switch to a new industry. I was promised a role in the company after an internship as part of the course. However, COVID-19 caused a hiring freeze in the company.

I tried to keep my peace and joy, declaring that I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I would share Pastor Prince’s sermons with my classmates who were also affected by the hiring freeze.

As weeks and months crawled by, I was still unable to secure a job. Roles for which I completed rounds of positive interviews suddenly ended in a brick wall. Even a few “high-chance” positions recommended by friends were strangely made irrelevant before the day of the offer.

My sharing with my classmates got weaker and lesser, but I would partake of the holy Communion. My care group leader encouraged me to press on. He prophesied that I would get a job in a different industry. He also said that when I was asked about my expected compensation, I should ask big and not limit God for He is a big and good Father.

I continued receiving the Communion and declared my righteousness in Christ. I also declared that surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life (Psalm 23:6). I was encouraged by one of Pastor Prince’s sermons Why Does God Allow Delays and expected great things to come from my good Shepherd.

One day, I received a call from a recruiter who saw my profile online. Although I didn’t meet the job description for the role, they asked to represent me to a company. I went for several interviews in which I only displayed minimal knowledge of the job. But I was shortlisted as a candidate for the role!

The recruiter asked if I wanted to lower my expectations for the salary negotiation as the other shortlisted candidate had more experience than me. To her shock, I replied, “No.”

Soon I got an email from the company offering me the position. However, I did not get the salary I had asked for. By God’s abundant favor, I got much more than what I had asked for! Hallelujah! I was also given a special advanced bonus and flexible spending dollars.

Praise the Lord! All glory to Him and Him alone!