Credit Card Debt Paid Off in Full

Five years ago, I lost my job. I tried to build my own online coaching business but ended up struggling financially. I faced a mountain of business debt as I relied on my credit cards to keep my business and life going.

One morning, I watched a replay of a sermon by Joseph Prince. He said there was a woman who has been very worried about her credit card debts, and He prophesied that the Lord would cancel her debts supernaturally. After hearing that, I submitted a prayer request to Joseph Prince Ministries.

I had to withdraw my retirement funds prematurely, but the Lord blessed my investment portfolio with good increase. Every time I withdrew money from my retirement funds, my portfolio was supernaturally increased!

Last year, I got a new job in a new industry with a very well-known global company. I have been blessed financially and after 9 months, my credit card debt was paid in full. My retirement funds were also replenished. Now I have savings and funds in reserve. The Lord has restored 120 percent to me! Praise the Lord, He is faithful.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, and many thanks to your prayer team that prayed for me.

California, United States