Cyst in Throat Disappeared

Some months back, I discovered a cyst in my throat. According to the doctor, I needed an operation to remove the cyst if it started growing or affected my breathing or eating.

That day, I went home and had some quiet moments with the Lord. Then, I recalled a testimony that Pastor Prince had shared several times in his messages. It was from a sister whose lump in the breast disappeared after writing on her medical report that as Jesus is without lumps in His body, so was she.

I decided to do likewise and wrote down, “As Jesus is without cysts in His throat, so am I!”

Around a month later, I went back to the doctor. Before the doctor could check my throat, I asked him if the cyst could go off by itself. He replied that the possibility is very slim and that it has to be removed surgically.

Then, he took a photo of my throat, and we looked at it together on his computer. I remember him looking puzzled as he compared the latest photo with what was taken a month ago. Finally, he said the cyst was gone!

I told my doctor God had healed me. Thank You, Jesus. You never fail to perform miracles in my life!

Andrea Hoon