2-Year Toothache Healed After Prayer

I have had a pain in my front tooth for almost 2 years. Whenever I drank something cold, I would experience an excruciating pain from my tooth to my head.

My dentist could not find any decay or crack in my tooth, and told me that my condition could be due to a worn-out filling. He then replaced my filling with a new one, but shared that I might have to undergo a root canal surgery if the new filling didn’t help.

Unfortunately, even after the new tooth filling, the pain was still there whenever my tooth touched something cold. I learned to live with it and was careful not to allow my tooth to touch anything cold.

On Sunday, 27 September, Pastor Prince called out various conditions and one of them was a toothache. He then pointed to his front tooth and declared that the Lord would seal it. I could not believe what I had heard and received the prayer for myself.

Over the next 2 weeks, I tried drinking cold water to test if the pain was still there. Praise the Lord, since that day, I no longer experience any pain in my tooth! All glory to Jesus.