Daughter Healed of Nasty Flu Virus

I’m from China. In December 2018, during an outbreak of a flu virus nationwide, my 9-year-old daughter got the virus just 10 days before her final examination.

She had extremely high fever and body discomfort. The doctor said she would experience fluctuating fever for several days followed by a severe cough that would last for a long time.

During that time, my husband was on an overseas business trip, and I was alone at home with my daughter. I kept declaring that we are the righteousness of God in Christ and prayed the protection of Psalm 91. We also partook of the holy Communion twice.

After just 36 hours, her fever was gone, and it didn’t return. She also did not develop a severe cough as the doctor had mentioned but just had a bit of phlegm in her throat.

2 days after my daughter was fully recovered, I read in the news that 5 kids suffered severe brain damage due to this flu as the virus attacks the nervous system.

It was my first time experiencing so clearly how the Lord protects us. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Pastor Prince, and your ministry for teaching God’s grace!

Catherine Huang