Daughter Healed of Persistent Vomiting, Now Strong and Healthy

A few years ago, my youngest daughter was vomiting to the point where she had to be taken to the emergency room. She got ill every time she received prayer at the church we were attending. Although I prayed for sicknesses, diseases, and infirmities to be gone, she kept vomiting and had to be hospitalized.

When she was discharged, she asked me if she could listen to Joseph Prince’s sermon CDs with me. Listening to the sermons comforted her and brought a smile to her face. We also began watching Pastor Prince on television. My daughter and I would hold hands and bow our heads as he prayed. I also wrote to your ministry and asked for prayer.

One day, she stopped feeling sick and the vomiting stopped. It has been over 6 years and she has been completely healed. She is now a strong and healthy teenager!

I praise God for my children and for the brothers and sisters in Christ He has given me. Without Him, I would not be here today. Pastor Prince, may God bless you, your family, and your church!

Violet Elizondo
Texas, United States