Daughter’s Smooth Recovery from Dog Attack

My 22-year-old daughter, who has high-functioning autism, was on her way to check our mail when a neighbor’s pitbull viciously attacked her. The owner of the pit bull pulled his dog off my daughter but it had already bitten a chunk out of my daughter’s lower leg.

She had surgery that night and was told she would need skin grafts later on. We had to take her to the hospital daily to cleanse her wounds and stitches. For weeks, my husband and I partook of the holy Communion with her every morning.

My daughter has been healing very well, and the doctor was surprised at how well she was healing! In fact, she no longer needed skin grafts and began to walk again. Eventually, her walk became normal, and she was released to go back to work.

Thank you for your ministry, Pastor Prince. We watch your videos and receive the Communion almost every day.

Christina Ramos
New Mexico, United States