Acute Pain in Head Gone After Prayer

I woke up one morning with excruciating pain at the back of my head. It was sensitive to the touch and felt like if a person were to pop my head with a pin, it would explode. I couldn’t even lay my head down without bolting back up in pain.

I partook of the holy Communion as I do every day and confessed my healing. The next day, the pain was even more unbearable. When I came home from church, I curled up in a ball, crying in pain. I believed I was healed, but the manifestation wasn’t as quickly as I had liked. I told the Lord I really needed the pain to go!

While crying, I continued to feed my spirit healing scriptures. I tuned in to YouTube and listened to an excerpt of Pastor Prince’s sermon Your Healing Is His Priority. I soaked up every word and thanked God again, even in the midst of the pain.

At the end, Pastor Prince said he wanted to pray, and immediately, I began to pray in tongues with him. As soon as I had begun, Pastor Prince stopped in the middle of his prayer and said, “You don’t have to pray. Let me pray for you. God wants you to receive. So rest and believe He loves you and is imparting healing to you!” I did just as he said with tears streaming down my face. Within the hour, God’s healing overtook me. I haven’t had any pain since.

To God be the glory!

Necole Collins
Texas, United States