Delivered from 40 Years of Pot and Nicotine Addiction

I grew up with a very abusive and toxic childhood, and adulthood wasn’t any better. As I tried to get my abusers to love me and see that I was a good person, I ended up smoking cigarettes and pot at 12. I also went through a series of emotionally isolating and abusive relationships with friends and men I dated. I was stuck in cycles of shame, self-sabotage, and condemnation.

I started watching Joseph Prince Ministries 5 years ago and gave my life to Christ as a result of hearing the messages about God's grace and Jesus’ finished work on the cross. I’m happy to report that after years of trying to get freedom and healing on my own, I have been delivered from 40 years of pot and nicotine addiction after learning about the unconditional love Father God has for me and Jesus’ love demonstrated by His life, death, and resurrection. I was also delivered from a dangerous relationship.

A few months ago, I was suffering from pain in my knees and other parts of my body. I continued to pray and receive Communion daily. While watching one of Pastor Prince’s broadcast messages where he preached about Jesus being the payment for our health, he mentioned that God was healing someone’s knees of pain. I whispered to myself with excitement saying, “That’s my healing. Glory be to God, amen!”

Immediately, my knees began to feel better, but they were still stiff. Two days later, I noticed the stiffness was almost completely gone when I was walking around. Thank You, Jesus. Thank you, Pastor Prince. May God continue to bless your ministry without limits!

New York, United States