Delivered from Colon Cancer, Healthy As Can Be

A few years ago, I experienced diminished appetite, fatigue, and extreme stomachaches. The symptoms grew worse and I became really anemic.

Doctors could not identify the cause of my condition, until I sought a gastroenterologist, who found a cancerous mass in my colon. I was in constant pain and the pain was so unbearable I would almost pass out. I also lost weight and looked malnourished.

Seeing the severity of my situation, my family and aunt ran to the Lord in prayer. They thanked Him for His finished work on the cross and declared my healing. We knew it was God’s will for me to live a long, abundant life.

After an afternoon of praying and soaking in God’s presence, I felt a mild heat go through my stomach and the pain left instantly! After that, I had surgery to remove the mass. It went well without any complications and I didn’t even need pain medication.

Following the surgery, I took a cancer marker test to determine the dosage of chemotherapy my body required. To all our amazement, the test reported no cancer cells! Hallelujah!

The Lord had showed me that I didn’t need chemotherapy but I was too afraid to listen to Him. So I went through six cycles of chemotherapy to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back. In spite of the treatment, I didn’t experience any side effects, not even weakness commonly associated with such therapy. In fact, I traveled to Singapore during my fourth cycle and even went on carnival rides!

My uterus and ovaries—areas usually affected by cancerous colon masses—remained healthy. I was also told that my monthly period would stop because of the treatment but that also didn’t happen. My cycle was still regular! Jesus defied medical science time and time again!

I finished the therapy without complications and now I am as healthy as can be! During this whole journey, I kept listening to Pastor Prince’s teachings. They opened my eyes to see that God never punishes us with sicknesses. Instead, His Son, Jesus, was badly beaten so we could enjoy life and good health. How extravagant the love of our Savior is!

Right believing in God’s Word and promises has helped me a lot. I’m grateful that God is blessing Pastor Prince’s ministry that shares the gospel. May it continue to open people’s eyes around the world.