No More Droopy Eyelid

On 13 October 2020, I woke up with a slight discomfort in my left eye. However, I dismissed it and went about my daily activities.

The next day, I felt my left eyelid becoming heavier and droopy and I started experiencing blurry vision in my left eye. I went to see a general practitioner and was referred to the emergency department where I was sent for blood tests and an MRI scan.

Subsequently, I was warded for observation. Thankfully, all my test results came back normal and the specialists ruled out the possibilities of stroke and neuromuscular diseases. According to them, the only possible explanation for my condition was tiredness or ageing.

I was discharged the next day without any medication or treatment, and was required to return for follow-up checks. While I felt better, my left eyelid was still droopy. I was concerned as the cause of my symptom was still not known. So, I continued to partake of the holy Communion with my family.

Then on Sunday, 18 October 2020, my family attended to my 2 young boys in the morning, allowing me to sleep in. The broadcast of the first service was playing in the background and I remembered asking God to heal me.

We subsequently went out for brunch before returning home to catch the later service. While we were out, I received a text from my church leader saying that Pastor Prince had called out my condition. Both my wife and I were surprised.

We got home before the second service ended and heard Pastor Prince calling out my condition! Immediately, I raised my hands to receive the healing in faith. My family was amazed and they too prayed for me.

About 2 weeks later, when I went for my follow-up check, the neurologist gave me a clean bill of health. My symptoms were all gone. Knowing that the neurologist was also a Christian, I showed him Pastor Prince’s video and he was amazed. He commented that in all his years of practice, he had never encountered this before.

Praise God for His overwhelming love for me and for allowing the people around me to reaffirm their conviction that God is real!

Se Chia