Eczema Cleared up After Applying Anointing Oil

Earlier this year, my mother in the Philippines sent me a photo of my 4-year-old niece, Aubrey, with her legs covered with inflamed spots and red rashes. She had been crying due to the itching and felt conscious about her skin condition that had prevented her from attending play school.

My sister said an insect bite had triggered Aubrey’s eczema. But it was so bad it got her worried. I video-called my sister the next day and requested to pray over Aubrey with her permission. I told my sister to lay her hands over my niece and believe that the Lord would heal her.

The following Sunday, Pastor Prince preached about the power of the anointing oil to heal and protect. During the sermon, he shared a testimony about a child who was suffering from eczema and got healed through applying the anointing oil on the affected areas.

I immediately shared this with my mom and told her about the anointing oil. I also sent her a picture of the anointing oil prayer card the church distributed to guide her on how to pray over the oil. She happily received it and did what I told her to do.

My family brought Aubrey to the clinic the next day for a check-up, but for some reason the doctor was out. So they just bought the generic cream from the pharmacy and went back home.

My mom began to apply the anointing oil all over Aubrey’s body. She also applied the cream every morning while declaring Aubrey’s healing in Jesus’ name. A few days later, Aubrey’s rashes dried up and the inflammation subsided. Within a week, the rashes on her legs cleared up almost completely!

Truly, God is our healer and miracle worker. Praise Jesus, our Redeemer! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teaching on the anointing oil that has blessed me and my family.

Ashley Yap