Elbow Pain Healed

Since April, I had been experiencing a condition called “tennis elbow,” which caused pain around the outside of my elbow. This was due to me frequently playing badminton.

I saw a doctor for some basic medication and continued to play badminton, albeit less frequently. The pain did not go away. When Singapore entered a period of heightened alert in May 2021, I stopped playing badminton for the entire month, but the pain still did not go away. There was also a soreness in my elbow when I pushed it to the limit.

On June 27, 2021, I tuned in to one of NCC’s online services where Pastor Prince prayed for someone with an elbow condition at the end of that service. I received the prayer for myself and began to move my elbow, stretching it out and proclaiming that I was healed.

At that moment, I felt the presence of God come upon me. I began to swing my arm and realized the pain in my elbow was completely gone. Thank You, Jesus, for healing me!