Quick Recovery after Major Knee Ligament Surgery

Some years ago, I injured my left knee while playing sports. The doctor diagnosed it as a dislocated kneecap and told me to just rest it. However, my knee never got better even after 6 months so I decided to get it checked again. This time, I was diagnosed with an anterior cruciate ligament tear, an injury in one of the major ligaments in the knee.

Around this time, I got saved in New Creation Church [in Singapore]. My care group members prayed for me, and some of them declared instantaneous healing for me. But in my heart I knew my faith was only at a level where I could trust God for a successful surgery and recovery.

After my surgery, Pastor Prince preached a sermon on partaking of the Holy Communion titled Discerning The Lord’s Body Makes A Difference To Your Health. That day, I attended service with my knee in a cast. At the end of the sermon, I partook of the Holy Communion. I also saw my knee injury on Jesus at the cross and declared my complete healing.

Following that, I carried on with my physiotherapy and experienced a quick recovery. The swelling went down faster compared to other patients who had a similar knee surgery around the same time. Within a few months, I was able to end the physiotherapy sessions and the staff there remarked that the ligaments in my left knee were almost as good as new!

Since the surgery, I’ve participated in three marathons and even trekked around the Himalayas.

All praise to Jesus who met me at my point of need and oversupplied the healing!

Alex Tan