Enjoying Healing and Protection Through the Holy Communion

After hearing Pastor Prince’s teaching that the holy Communion is a way of escape for us, my family and I started partaking of “emergency Communion” in addition to our daily Communion in times of unexpected crises.

During my annual medical examination, the doctor found polyps in my cervix. She said I had to be referred to a specialist for further tests. I became very fearful and worried because I was previously diagnosed with pre-cancerous cervical cells.

On my way home from the medical visit, I cried out to the Lord for healing. When I got home, I quickly ran to receive “emergency Communion.” When I saw the specialist doctor, he was able to remove all the polyps in my cervix and said there was no cancer! I praise the Lord for healing and deliverance.

In June 2020, my daughter got infected with COVID-19 while in college. We partook of “emergency Communion” when we first found out. We also continued to partake of the Communion daily over the phone. The Lord caused her symptoms to be very minimal and healed her of COVID-19. Praise Jesus for healing and life!

Thank you, Jesus, I give You all the glory and honor!

California, United States