Experienced Healing and Favor After Learning to Let Go

After my dad passed away, I went into a very dark season of my life. I felt hurt, bitter, sad, and lonely. I struggled with depression and harbored so much hate toward God and myself.

I also had massive panic attacks that would keep me up all night and made it really hard for me to enjoy simple things like conversations. I was so full of fear for the future and about death that I couldn’t function properly.

When Joseph Prince’s book Live the Let-Go Life was released, I began reading it. I remember reading the first chapter and feeling so much peace flood my heart, it was overwhelming. Little by little as I read the book and learned the power of letting go of my worries to the Lord, I became a changed woman.

It was as if an enormous weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could breathe and enjoy my life again. God gave me the grace and strength to take care of health issues I had been facing and I was able to conquer my fear of doctors and dentists.

While I am still believing Jesus for a full deliverance from anxiety, I am not who I was back then. Now I no longer have those frustrating symptoms of anxiety. The year I read the book, I began to experience God’s overwhelming grace in my life. Before I could thank Him for the last miracle or provision, I would get another blessing!

One time, I stubbed my toe so bad I was pretty sure it was broken. It was bruised, swollen, and walking was painful. I could not go to work and had to schedule a doctor’s appointment. However, I gave my worry to the Lord. When I woke up the next morning, the bruising and pain were gone! I went to the doctor and they couldn’t find anything wrong with my toe.

Recently, I also received incredible favor at work. I’m naturally quiet and not someone who usually gets acknowledged or noticed. But in the past year, I was promoted to a higher position and received multiple salary increases! I was also voted employee of the month and subsequently, employee of the year, which earned me an extra cash reward as well.

It has been awesome to see how Jesus works everything out for my good when I give my worries to Him. My heart is full of love and gratefulness to the Lord and the more I hear sermons and learn about Him, the more I love Him and want to learn more.

Pastor Prince, I am truly so grateful for your ministry. God has been using you to change my life. Praise Jesus!

Inna Kutsyy
Washington, United States