Experienced Overwhelming Success in Applying to Medical Schools

After graduating from university 2 years ago, I applied to various medical schools, as my desire since I was a little boy has been to become a doctor. I had everything needed except my MCAT score. The MCAT is an important examination for entry into medical schools as it shows if you can handle the curriculum.

My MCAT score was average, and I kept thinking it would hamper my chances of being accepted. This worry grew after not hearing from the schools after sending in many applications. I made every effort to send e-mails to these schools and also to my advisors to see if they could offer help.

For months I was focused on my efforts to get accepted. As a Christian, I was aware of the wondrous promises the Lord has for us all, but I had Him and His Word on the co-pilot seat and was caught up with what I could do to improve my chances of success.

I had applied to 13 programs and was rejected for all. I was devastated, lost hope, and even questioned my faith. But I knew the Lord had put the desire to become a doctor in my heart, so I did not give up and applied again the following year. However, I made one change this time. I decided to put the Lord and His Word in the pilot seat while I sat in the co-pilot seat.

In the months after receiving the rejections, I prepared myself to reapply. I took the MCAT exam again, and my score improve significantly. I also got involved in a few more extracurricular activities. During these months, my approach was the same as in the previous year, but I made it a point to be actively immersed in the Lord’s Word and His promises as opposed to simply being passively aware of them.

I decided to recite Psalm 91 almost daily, pray daily, hear Joseph Prince’s podcasts while driving, and watch clips of his sermons while eating lunch. This allowed me to rest in His promises and endless love for me and to be worry-free.

At the end of my second application cycle, I had 8 interviews and several acceptances from in-state and out-of-state programs. I received acceptances from my dream schools and continued to receive acceptances and interview invitations from more programs. It was so overwhelming I started canceling and withdrawing applications from a number of programs, which was very difficult for me to do.

I knew why my second application cycle was overwhelmingly successful. I had simply put the Lord and His Word first and was actively immersed in them throughout the day. My faith in the Lord and His Word grew exponentially by simply hearing and being actively exposed to His Word and teachings.

From these experiences, I realized the Lord’s promises were always there for me but it was for me to let go and to simply receive His superabounding grace and blessings. My spiritual job as a medical student and future physician is simple: claim and rest in His love for me and witness with my eyes the rewards He has for me!

Matthew Diaz
Florida, United States