Received Job in the Midst of COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 situation, I lost my job in the airline. I’d been with the company for 11 years, so this was very heartbreaking.

It was during this time that the Lord brought me to Pastor Prince’s teachings on YouTube and on his website. I was very engrossed and captivated by his teachings. I read most of his books and downloaded many of his sermons. It was the first time in my life learning about grace and how we no longer live by the law to be made righteous.

However, I grew anxious without a job. Every waking moment, I was on various websites searching for jobs and furiously sending out my résumés. I could not rest. But it seemed that the harder I tried, the more fruitless my attempts were.

I spent a couple of days listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons on the story of Ruth. I heard God speaking to me, “Son, just rest. Don’t be anxious and let Me work.” Thereafter, I dedicated one day to sending out my last résumé. I decided not to look at anymore websites and to simply let God work. I also applied anointing oil on my printed résumé and prayed that God’s favor would be on it.

In the meantime, God blessed me with a simple part-time job so I could earn some money while waiting. Even though it was just a part-time job, I always felt the Lord looking after me and blessing me in ways I could never imagine.

He gave me the shifts I wanted and during breaks, I found time to read Pastor Prince’s books or listen to his sermons. Though there was still no breakthrough for a full-time job, I decided to keep trusting in the Lord’s finished work.

Not long after, I was offered the opportunity to attend an interview for a managerial position in a restaurant. Unbelievably, I was offered the job at the end of the interview!

When I asked the Lord if this was the job for me, He showed me how it was by unmerited favor that this job came to me. By God’s grace, I accepted the job offer. Hallelujah, all praise and glory to God!

Thank you, Pastor Prince. Your sermons and books have really inspired me to live a grace-filled life!