Experienced Protection from Fire After Praying Psalm 91

One afternoon, I watched one of Pastor Prince’s sermons on Psalm 91, where he encouraged us and our children to memorize that portion of Scripture. Pastor Prince showed a video of his son reciting Psalm 91, which really touched my heart.

Later that night, I was startled by a loud noise that sounded like my son jumping out of bed. I rushed to his room to see smoke emitting from his bed! He had fallen asleep with a candle burning. It fell on his bed, causing the blanket to catch on fire. The Lord woke up my son just in time, which is usually difficult to do because he’s a heavy sleeper.

I told him to bring water and we doused the fire. I removed the blanket that had a large hole in it, and it was then I realized nothing else was burned! Not the sheets under the blanket, not the mattress, not the bed—nothing else but the blanket was burned.

Earlier that day after listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon on protection, I listened to a recording of Psalm 91 and meditated on it and recited it over and over. Now I know without a doubt it was that prayer that protected my son. It is no coincidence I picked that message to listen to that afternoon. My son also agreed to memorize Psalm 91 for himself. To God be the glory!

Georgia, United States