House Protected During Cyclone After Applying Anointing Oil

Earlier this year, our town in Australia experienced the worst cyclone we have seen in 30 years. While my husband prepared for the cyclone by securing everything in our house, I anointed our property and thanked God for His protection over it.

My husband and I also helped our friend secure her house before the cyclone. Even though she was a non-believer, I asked if I could anoint her property. Though she was skeptical about what a bit of oil could do in strong winds, she agreed. As I anointed her property, I asked the Lord to make it clear to my friend that He was protecting her.

That night, when the cyclone hit, my entire household slept peacefully without any fear. The next day, we saw and heard about the damage done to other properties. Roofs were torn off, trees had fallen on houses, and windows were smashed.

When we checked our property, we realized there was no damage at all! The only “damages” done were on the trees my husband had planned to prune. They lost their branches so he no longer needed to prune them.

My friend’s house was also kept safe and no major damage was done! A few days later, the city cleanup crew asked if they could remove the carport from her backyard. My friend said there wasn’t any carport in her yard. She learned that the house directly behind her had seen their carport fly over her fence during the cyclone. Everyone was left puzzled as to where the missing carport could be.

After this incident, my friend told me that she was thankful I had anointed her property. She now knows Jesus had protected her during the cyclone. Praise God for keeping us safe with something as simple as the anointing oil.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your anointed messages that reveal the Father’s love for us. God bless you and your family!

Alyssa Thomas