Experiencing Healing in Deaf Ear, No Longer Requires Surgery

About seventeen years ago, I completely lost my hearing in my left ear due to German measles. My audiologist said the measles had damaged the cochlea (sensory organ of hearing) in my ear. He advised me to go for a cochlea implant to restore my hearing.

I decided to wait on God and only consider surgery if I did not regain my hearing by age twenty-one. I started getting doubtful about being healed and was actually considering surgery. But something miraculous happened.

My girlfriend and I were praying and listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon, Worship with the Psalms of David and See Good Days. When he began to sing in the Spirit, I sang and prayed in the Spirit too.

My girlfriend then told me I’d received my miracle because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross. I agreed with her but didn’t notice any change in my hearing. But as I continued to open my heart to receive my healing, I started to hear very softly in my deaf ear.

By the grace of God, I no longer need surgery! My hearing is also continually getting better. All praise, glory, and honor to God Most High for His marvelous work in my life!

Kaylen Perumal
South Africa