Pain in Gums Gone

For 3 weeks I was suffering from multiple tooth infections that formed abscesses in my gums. It was difficult for me to eat or move my mouth without pain. I didn’t want to see a dentist for fear of losing my teeth.

One Sunday at my local church, I received a revelation of the Father’s love. I realized that as a loving Father, God wants me well, and I don’t have to bargain with Him because Jesus has paid the price for every blessing.

The next day after receiving that revelation, all the pain I had was gone! I can eat anything without pain now.

Pastor Prince, I just want to thank you for being such a great source of encouragement. I read your Daily Grace Inspirations and praise reports every day as it builds my faith in Jehovah as my healer. I also read your book The Prayer of Protection. I’ve learned and grown so much over this period. I am immensely thankful for you and also want to thank your team who prayed for me.

God bless you and all glory to Jesus!