Eye No Longer Painful After Receiving Communion

One day, my daughter came to me rubbing her right eye, telling me it was hurting her. At first, I thought she just had some dust in there so I told her to rinse her eye with cold water.

She came back crying in excruciating pain and her right eye and skin around it were red. I commanded the pain and whatever was causing it to leave. That didn’t help and she began to scream as if in more pain.

I told her we were going to partake of the holy Communion. After partaking, her right eye and the skin around it were no longer red but back to the normal colors. Her face was also full of joy, and she had a glowing complexion. Praise the Lord!

We thank the Lord and Joseph Prince Ministries for encouraging and educating us on praying for the sick and partaking of the holy Communion.

Marygrace Pechtold
Indiana, United States