Healed of Severe Acid Reflux Through Hearing the Gospel

In 2014, I was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease, severe acid reflux that made me nauseous all day. I could not sleep or enjoy food and even became afraid to eat because of how terrible I would feel after eating. As a result, I lost 15kg in 2 years. I could not even brush my teeth properly, and I was only 26 years old.

I visited many doctors who performed many tests and all of them said there was no cure for the disease. I had to be put on life-long medication to manage the pain. However, I was still in terrible pain despite taking the medicine. After doing research, I started to take supplements and gradually increased the amount I took, hoping to manage the symptoms. The supplements did not help. I ended up in severe pain and lost a lot of money (about US$200 a month) on medication and supplements. I found myself on a dead-end road.

In 2016, I started to read about Jesus in the Bible after hearing testimonies from others who had received their healing miracles. I decided to pray and rebuke the disease. Immediately, I was relieved from the condition and within a week, I stopped taking my medication all together. I was getting better but the symptoms returned later.

Around this time, I started listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons on the grace of God and the gift of righteousness. I received many revelations from his sermons, and they freed me completely from every symptom and disease. I no longer struggled to receive healing as it is not based on my obedience but His grace. Since then, I have not gotten sick. If I started to feel any symptoms of sickness, I would pray and immediately the symptoms would be gone the same or the next day.

Praise the Lord for His wonderful love for us and the great salvation He gave us on the cross. And thank you, Pastor Prince, for revealing the gospel of grace for me and the world. It changed my life and the way I think in every situation.

God bless you.

Sameh Bannoura