Family Saved and Blessed

I became a Christian when I was 15 years old. But as the years passed, I stopped going to church. Recently, a friend who is currently staying in the United States shared Jesus with me again. She had been watching Pastor Prince on YouTube and after talking to her that night, I decided to put my faith in the Lord again.

I started to listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons on YouTube and realized that Jesus Christ has fully redeemed me and that all my sins are forgiven. During that time, I was in debt and was going through a health challenge. I had a blood condition that caused low blood pressure.

I would listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons throughout the day and believe that I am righteous in Christ. During this period, my 15-year-old son got saved. My wife too encountered Jesus through my son. Not only so, a week later, they led both my parents-in-law to Christ!

Over time, I was also delivered from my health condition and today, I am completely healed. Hallelujah!

God also supernaturally provided for me and my family as I trusted Him in the area of our finances. I believe He will continue to take care of us in the days to come!