Experienced God’s Love, Healing, and Provision

I started listening to Pastor Joseph Prince in 2014. Little did I know I was being prepared for victory in an unforeseen battle ahead.

In 2016, I became aware of negative and unimaginable things my husband wrote about me that had been shared with family and friends and on social media because he had met another woman.

I lost almost all my friends and unbelievably, my close family members. I had been branded the bad person and nobody wanted anything to do with me or to listen to me. Since I had no children of my own, it felt like I was all by myself.

The message of grace was what pulled me through that time. When I had no more strength to continue, I remembered one of Pastor Prince’s sermons where he shared that we are fighting when we feed on God’s Word. All I could do was to load myself with the message of grace day and night. When I listened to Pastor Prince’s daily broadcast, there would be a word for me that made me stronger.

I realized the love of God was all I ever needed. I believed and confessed my righteousness in Christ daily and didn’t bother about what others thought. I was so immersed in God’s love for me that I could raise my head high amidst all the negativity around me.

Looking back, I realized I was not bitter because the love of God was so real to me that it swallowed any bitterness, pain, or loss. I went through a long divorce with no money, but God marvelously and miraculously helped me through.

During this period, I developed a situation with the flow from my uterus that lasted for over a year and a half. I had to use feminine towels for that long. I started partaking of the holy Communion daily with the revelations from Pastor Prince’s books and testimonies on JPM’s website.

At some point, I went for a check-up and the doctor said it was nothing, but I still had the flow. I meditated on Psalm 103:2–5 and believed that if all my sins have been forgiven, then all my diseases have been healed. I didn’t even remember when the flow stopped—I just realized at one point I didn’t have it anymore! Our God is indeed faithful.

After listening to one of the monthly offer sermons on Christ being our trespass offering and restoring even what He didn’t take, I am ready for the 120 percent restoration in every area of my life. I was so encouraged that I listened to that sermon for weeks—I had not heard anything like that before! All that I went through will now be turned into a blessing to me.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for gospel of grace that has made giants in Christ out of us.

Theresa Trust