Finally Letting Go And Trusting God

I am 20 years old this year. For a few years, I struggled a lot due to an incident in 2008 that affected my life negatively. From then on, I could not forgive, resulting in failed relationships with loved ones and unhappiness. In 2009, I had one of the worst years ever and my faith in God worsened. I continued seeking God. God spoke, but I refused to listen. I was stubborn and worried too much.

In my church, my pastors and pastors from elsewhere kept giving me this revelation from God: Let go and let God handle everything. For months, I did not understand what they meant. People told me that it's a confirmation from God to not worry anymore and to surrender it all to Him who will set things right for me. I could not understand as I thought then that letting go means giving up. I began to get angry with God, questioning Him and everything else. I rebelled.

Finally, a best friend of mine gave me a link to your sermon, It's Time To Let Go!. After watching it, I finally understood the meaning of “letting go”. It means not worrying anymore because God has good plans for me and good things will come my way when I behold Jesus and trust Him.

Now, I'm much happier and my faith in God has grown stronger. I will continue seeking the Lord and praying because I know that through Christ, nothing is impossible. Thank you so much for sharing the Word. God bless you always!

Penang, United States