Finances Turned Around, Husband Saved Man from Heart Attack

I have been watching Pastor Prince for about 10 years now. After sending a prayer request to JPM regarding our finances, my husband was inundated with job opportunities and our situation turned around. At times, he even juggled 3 to 4 jobs and new opportunities kept coming in! Praise the Lord!

A few months ago, my husband’s friend asked him to drop by his house on a weekend to help him install a new roof. I wasn’t happy about it because my husband works very hard and for long hours. Having a weekend off was rare for him and I wanted him to relax at home instead.

Nevertheless, I submitted to my husband’s decision to help his friend. I rested in the Lord, knowing I could trust Him.

When my husband began working on the roof with 2 other people, one of them collapsed due to a massive heart attack. It turned out that my husband was the only one there who was capable of performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). He was able to keep the man alive until emergency services arrived 10 minutes later!

Had I not submitted to my husband and had he not gone to help his friend, the man would likely have died. Oh, the wisdom and omniscience of our God! We praise and thank Him for His amazing ways! The man is recovering well without any brain damage. Hallelujah!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for teaching about Jesus and placing Him front and center where He belongs. I was raised in another religion where religious laws almost destroyed my family. I’m so grateful to the Lord for leading us to your marvelous ministry and into His rest. I can see God’s loving hand in our lives.

We love you, Pastor Prince, and we love the Lord for sending His grace message through you to spiritually starving people around the world. Bless the Lord!

May God bless you, your beautiful family, and your ministry!

Joy Rauth
Maryland, United States