Set Free from Suicidal Thoughts

For almost 50 years, I had been dealing with some serious mental health problems. Though I was saved when I was 21 years old and knew Jesus and His Word, I didn’t enjoy a close relationship with God the Father and felt He was always far off.

Sometime back, I was going through a desperate time and feeling suicidal. Then, I chanced upon Pastor Prince’s television broadcast and started listening to him regularly. I was so blessed by his teachings and learned many new things about God’s Word and was receiving fresh revelations almost daily. I even bought his books and old sermons online and would listen to his messages repeatedly.

I began to be filled with hope and was learning more about Jesus, His grace, and His deep love for me.

Over the next few years, I grew more and more hopeful. As I heard Pastor Prince share how Jesus came to bring the revelation of God the Father and expound on His love for me, my life was completely changed.

Now I know I am Daddy God’s beloved daughter and the apple of His eye. I am no longer suicidal, and I am freed from all negative thoughts.

I’m so very grateful to Pastor Prince for faithfully preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. All glory to Jesus and thank you, Pastor Prince!

A. S.
Arizona, United States

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