Freed from Nail-Biting Habit

I have been biting my nails since I was a child. Even though I tried to break the habit many times, I have never succeeded.

Some time ago, I started to ask the Lord about my habit. He told me that I bit and cleaned my nails so much because I saw them as dirty and unclean.

I would try to clean under my nails to the point that they ended up breaking. Then, I would bite the broken parts off. I had always thought I just had weak nails but that was not the case.

After the Lord revealed this truth to me, I began to kiss my fingers and declare that my nails and the skin around them are all clean, healthy, strong, and redeemed from the curse of the law by Jesus.

I now have a Jesus-given manicure I never had before! I still declare the truth about my nails from time to time, and I believe Jesus is still teaching me how to handle them. I know He will see it through to the very end.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for not being afraid to preach grace, for teaching us that the battle is the Lord’s, and that Christ has made us completely clean forever. This teaching has completely transformed my life and the lives of my family members! May Jesus bless you and your family.

Velislava Ivanova