Sober for Over a Decade After Learning About God’s Grace

My story begins with a long history of child abuse, exposure to violence, verbal and emotional abuse, and a lot of shame and guilt. All this caused me to develop a bad attitude, anger, and hate, which eventually resulted in a destructive, high-risk lifestyle marked by drugs, sex, alcohol, crime, and violent behavior. I went to juvenile prison and adult prison and was living a life of self-pity and selfishness.

My recovery started while I was in prison. A friend gave me a book by Pastor Prince called The Power of Right Believing. This book became my foundation for my recovery and transformation.

I have been sober for more than 10 years now, and I am still reading and studying Pastor Prince’s teachings. I now own a home and am enjoying life every day without drugs, alcohol, or other high-risk behaviors. I’m also helping to care for my mother.

I’m a constant work-in-progress. Even as I face adversities, I’m learning to embrace faith and the journey of life. Without the foundation of my faith found in an understanding of the grace of God, my life would have ended in prison.

Thank You, Jesus, and thank you, Pastor Prince!

Charles C.
Michigan, United States

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