Freed from Sinful Lifestyle and Incurable Disease, Enjoying Married Life

I grew up in a Christian household and received Jesus into my heart when I was four. I’m not sure why but I was a very angry child. When I was eight, my father became a pastor. I wanted nothing to do with it. When I turned nine or ten, I started to hate God. I even burned a Bible and told Jesus to get out of my heart because I didn’t want Him there.

By the time I turned twelve, I was drinking and experimenting with smoking pot. My teen years were filled with pot, cocaine, ecstasy, drinking, and promiscuity. I was always angry, depressed, and I tried to commit suicide on my sixteenth birthday. I had no self-worth and absolutely no hope for my future.

But I was able to walk away from drugs without any type of addiction when I turned eighteen. It was a miracle! Looking back, I realized God’s hand was upon my life the moment I received Him into my heart at four.

Later that year when my parents moved from our small farm town in New York to Minnesota, I got into a serious relationship with a man who was eleven years older than me. When I found out I was pregnant, I felt so trapped and alone that I thought abortion was the only way out. After terminating that precious life inside of me, I packed and ran.

When I finally moved in with my parents, I was a total mess. The years I spent running from God, the terrible choices I’d made, the people I’d hurt, the abortion—they all weighed so heavily on me. I couldn’t stand to be alone even for a second. I would get into my car, drive, and think about running myself into every tree I saw.

Then, my mom gave me a sermon by my pastor who had been studying Joseph Prince’s teachings. I only popped it into my CD player because there was nothing else to listen to and I couldn’t stand the silence. After hearing about God’s grace, I felt hope and life for the first time. I also believed my pastor when he said, “Just keep going back to God. All these [bad] things will fall off you.”

I became hooked on the grace message. I downloaded every podcast by my pastor and Joseph Prince and listened to them for four hours every day for two years. I also read Joseph Prince’s books. If there was anything he said to memorize and declare out loud, I would do it.

During the first year and a half, my behavior didn’t change. But no matter what mistakes I made, I never stopped listening to the podcasts. And you know what? All the bad things did fall off me eventually. I stopped drinking, smoking, and living promiscuously. I was no longer restless and I had hope and dreams for my future.

I also learned who I am in Christ, the great love the Father has for me, and the gift of no condemnation. I learned about my worth as God’s beloved child and how He is always well pleased with me. Not only that, I went for post-abortion counseling and I believe my child is waiting for me in heaven.

During this time, when I found out I had genital herpes—an incurable sexually transmitted disease, it was devastating but I had the foundation of grace inside of me and believed God would work all things together for good. I also believed I’d received my healing when Jesus took my sickness at the cross.

Two years later, I met my fiancé and knew I had to tell him about my disease. Fear consumed me of course, so I told God that I didn’t have faith but Jesus did. I rested in His faith and thanked God for healing me. Then I went to get tested again and the results for genital herpes came back NEGATIVE. The Lord had freed me of an incurable disease and made me whole!

I’ve been married for four years now and my life is absolutely amazing. My husband and I own a successful business and we’re building an amazing future together. Because of Jesus’ finished work at the cross, my heart is bursting with joy and life just gets better every day.

I’m forever grateful for God’s grace. It has saved my life. I can’t fully describe the gratitude I have for my pastor and Joseph Prince. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for answering God’s call to share the message of grace!

Wisconsin, United States