Freed from Panic Attacks and Mental Oppression

Pastor Prince, I’m 14 years old and growing up in a Christian family. I started going to church last year and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. God used your book The Power of Right Believing to open my spiritual eyes.

I had been feeling oppressed by the enemy, who constantly reminded me of my sins. Several areas of my life such as my health, friendships, and school fell under attack. I couldn’t sleep. I suffered from panic attacks, was constantly worried, and had only bad thoughts. It felt like I was in prison and my heart and throat were being squeezed all the time. I felt like I was dying.

When I read The Power of Right Believing, I realized my sins were paid for. My fears and panic attacks stopped. My oppression came to an end. I was feeling tired, but when I read the book, I could feel my eyes glowing and my mind becoming clearer. I began to focus on Jesus’ forgiveness and His love instead of focusing on myself.

I was able to sleep well again and all my bad thoughts have ceased. I went from being worried all the time to praying in the Spirit constantly. When I started to believe that my circumstances would change, God began to restore me. Since I read your book, I’ve been seeing His supernatural work in my life. How awesome is my God!

Thank you, Pastor Prince. I learned a few important keys from your book and what doors have been opened! All glory to Jesus!

Viktor Petkov