From Rebellious Teenager to Excelling in Studies

I was a problem teenager. I hated studying and was addicted to pornography. I also had a bad relationship with my family and always had conflicts with my high school teachers. I disrespected my teachers and would often play truant.

When I didn’t do well in my examinations and didn’t receive offers from any university, I started giving up on my life, wasting days doing nothing but playing video games or watching pornography. I felt like a failure. But thank God He did not give up on me even when I’d abandoned everything.

One night during dinner, my father was listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon. It was different from anything I’d heard before. No one had told me that I am the righteousness of God in Christ and that all my sins had been forgiven. I felt peace inside me, and I began to listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons too. The more I heard the message of grace, the more I understood God was not against me but for me, and in Him there is therefore now no more condemnation. When I believed right, I started to live right.

The Lord freed me from my addiction to pornography, and I started to engage in advanced studies. As I rested in Jesus, He gave me the strength to work hard. By God’s grace, I received offers from 2 universities!

Thank You, Jesus, for finding me. And thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing the message of grace. I now know we can reign in life through the Lord’s grace!