Gave Birth to Healthy Baby Girl Against Odds

We were trying for a child for 4 years. After a year of trying on our own, we decided to get ourselves checked, and the doctor asked us to sign up for in vitro fertilization (IVF) immediately. We were told we had very low chances of conception as I was 37 at the time.

We did not have peace with that suggestion and decided not to go in that direction. Another year passed, and I was getting a bit desperate. I decided to immerse myself in God’s presence and in prayer. The Lord had done a miracle for me in my job situation. I thought that if He had done a miracle for me before, He would do it again.

Around this time, I came across Pastor Prince’s sermon Worship with the Psalm of David and See Good Days. Toward the end of the sermon, Pastor Prince called out to all couples who were believing for a child and declared the year to be the year of open wombs.

He also declared that the Lord could provide a supernatural conception and delivery and that the baby would be marked by the favor of God. I was so encouraged! I received that blessing in my spirit and played that sermon day after day in my prayer time.

We finally chose to do IVF but were unsuccessful. The doctor told us to start considering other options such as using a donor egg. Before we went with that suggestion, we decided to take a 2-month break although we had already signed up for one last IVF cycle.

The start of the 2 months was so hard on us as a couple. We were so disappointed and sad. But in my spirit, I did not accept the other options the doctor suggested. The promise in the sermon that I played over and over suddenly came alive, and I had a revelation. I told myself that heaven and earth shall pass but His word will never return in vain. God is not time-bound. He created me, so He knows the beginning and the end.

Slowly, this revelation started changing everything I was believing about my situation. I was able to shut out all the negative voices. I only focused on God’s promise in Hebrews 11:11 and Pastor Prince’s prophecy in that sermon. Suddenly, all my stress disappeared.

The promise came to pass during the 2-month break. I got pregnant in December 2020 without IVF or any fertility treatments at 40 years old. It was supernatural as God had said. I had gotten a call from the doctor’s office in preparation for the last IVF cycle that we had signed up for. When I did a blood test, it showed I was 6 weeks pregnant. Hallelujah! The doctor could not believe it and did a scan to confirm I was pregnant.

I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. Given my age, the doctor suggested that we induce labor and bring the baby out a week earlier than the due date. I was induced a week earlier but after about 16 hours, I still hadn’t dilated. The doctor asked us to consider a C-section if there was still no dilation.

I remembered God’s promise of a supernatural delivery and started praying. I decided to go with the flow, knowing God was in control, and whatever unfolds, He would turn it for my good. When the doctor asked the nurse to check for dilation again, they were completely surprised the baby was ready to come out.

At this point, the baby was a bit distressed, and her heart rate started dropping. The doctor said he may have to do a C-section anyway for the baby’s safety. I was taken to the operating theatre immediately. Before the doctor started the procedure, he gave me 2 more chances to push. He said if the baby was not out by the 2nd push, he would proceed with the C-section.

I was totally exhausted by this time and had no energy to push. But I kept reminding myself of God’s promise and pushed. The baby was out on the 2nd push. Even though I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, there was no effect on my baby. She came out perfectly fine and all the tests done were good.

God is a way-maker and promises keeper! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for speaking life and inspiring us through your sermon. God bless you!

Renee Derick

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