Healed of Debilitating Endometriosis Pain

I suffered from a condition called endometriosis and had an operation many years ago. It led to many difficulties and complications, including debilitating pain.

Once a month during my monthly, I would be bedbound for a week. I could not walk and had to take time off from work. I didn’t have any kind of life. I would have feelings of dread every month because of the debilitating pain I experienced. I relied on a lot of painkillers to function.

I constantly cried to my Father in heaven and asked for healing and relief. I even asked family and friends to pray for me. I just carried on praying and living my life like this, expecting to be healed one day.

Some time ago, I was extremely ill due to my monthly. I was bedbound in awful pain, unable to walk, and was extremely weak. I listened to one of your sermons where you mentioned someone having pain in their stomach. I felt like you were talking about me.

I put my hand on my stomach and prayed. I declared, “I am healed, and my body is like Jesus Christ’s.” As you were talking, I heard the Lord in my spirit telling me to sleep, so I fell asleep peacefully for an hour. I felt slightly dizzy and slightly uncomfortable a few hours after waking up, but I just gave thanks.

Two days later, I felt no pain. The Holy Spirit prompted me to move around the flat. I jumped up and down, singing to Jesus, thanking the Lord and my heavenly Father for my healing. My stomach felt normal to touch, and I no longer needed to take painkillers to function. Now I kickbox, run, and can walk normally when I’m on my monthly. The nurse at the doctor’s office said everything in my body was normal after some blood tests and checks. I AM HEALED.

Thank you so much, Pastor Prince, for your life-saving and grace-filled sermons on YouTube. I came across them 3 years ago after having my appendix removed. I now watch your sermons daily, and I re-watch them for encouragement.

May the Lord bless you abundantly, Pastor Prince. We truly serve an awesome, amazing God. Please keep smashing it with your wonderful grace-filled sermons. The Lord is saving lives through you and the gospel of grace. God bless you and your wonderful family.

All praise and glory to our awesome God. Thank You, Jesus!

Preeti Naseeb

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