No More Bladder Cancer with Treatment and Communion

Pastor Prince, I am from Kenya. My family loves watching your sermons on the gospel of grace. In August 2019, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer following a miscarriage after 5 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor had requested for an ultrasound and noticed a 5cm-by-5cm tumor infiltrating my bladder wall.

After a few MRIs and CT scans, I was rushed to surgery as they were concerned it might have been an ectopic pregnancy. It was, however, as they had earlier suspected, a huge tumor in my bladder, which they did their best to debulk. They didn’t remove it completely since it was near important organs.

I thank God for supernaturally ensuring I received top care from a team consisting of gynecologists, the head urologist, and the head surgeon, who were all available for my case. This was a rare occurrence in the busy referral hospital I was at.

After the long surgery, I woke up in the ICU feeling really shaken. While in the hospital, my brother reminded me of Pastor Prince’s sermons on the holy Communion—the secret to complete healing. We started to partake of the Communion together almost daily, and I also got to read the first chapter of Pastor Prince’s book Eat Your Way to Life and Health for free before it was officially released.

The lab reports revealed that I indeed suffered from a sarcoma that was aggressive in nature and that I needed chemotherapy. I remained calm as I learned about the power of the holy Communion and how healing can be slow and gradual at times.

In March 2020, after many MRIs and scans, my oncologist advised that I no longer need chemotherapy or radiotherapy. There is no residual mass left and the cancer did not metastasize! Isn’t God wonderful?

Sylvia Lewa