Healed of Neck and Right Shoulder Pain

Two years ago, my family and I visited Singapore and attended service at New Creation Church. Before that, I had prayed and told God that I didn’t want to leave the church service with any bondages.

I felt like everything in the service that day was custom-made for me, especially when Pastor Prince started praying for healing. I had injured my neck and shoulder and was in pain for about 3 years. I felt like an invalid sometimes due to the pain despite being only 30 years old, and I needed to pay for expensive massages to cope with the pain.

During the service, Pastor Prince prayed for those with neck and right shoulder pains. To demonstrate the physical area the Lord was healing, Pastor Prince even turned around and touched the exact spot I had often experienced pain in. I stood up and moved my neck around as instructed.

At first, it didn’t seem like anything changed but suddenly, my neck began to move freely, as though I had just had the most amazing massage! I experienced the power of God and began to shake and sob. I was healed!

I haven’t experienced any pain or had to go for a massage ever since. I can now carry my niece and nephews without experiencing any pain. Praise the Lord!

Onyeka Jones
Oregon, United States