No Longer a Stutterer

I grew up in a Christian family where my dad was a pastor. Back then, we were under legalistic teachings and were focused on making ourselves acceptable before God.

When I was in the fifth grade, a pastor introduced to us Joseph Prince’s sermons. At that time, I was suffering from anxiety because I was a stutterer. I excelled in class but was always afraid to stand in front of people and crowds. I was even mocked by my classmates due to my condition and that always caused me to cry. I was always conscious about my stuttering and even told myself to stop trying to speak.

Through hearing the gospel of grace, I experienced and understood the love of Christ, His forgiveness of sins and His acceptance of my all my flaws and imperfections. I began visualizing and declaring that I am a fluent speaker because Christ has paid for it all at the cross.

Little by little, I was no longer conscious of the way I stuttered or spoke, but more focused on who Jesus is in my life. I was always declaring that I am the righteousness of God in Christ and that I am healed by His stripes.

One day, I realized I could speak fluently! I started to excel even more in class because I could speak in front of my classmates and teachers without the fear of stuttering. People began to notice I could speak fluently. Now I am a college freshman, and I can speak to crowded rooms in school and even testify about the goodness and finished work of Christ in my local church.

I can say that by the grace of God, I am no longer the shy person who was afraid to speak, but a child of God who freely received the boldness of Christ. To God be all the glory!