Healed of Pains Sustained from 2 Car Accidents

I have been in 2 car accidents. In the first, my vehicle was rear-ended by a big truck, and I suffered pain in my neck, back, hip, knee, and wrist. My second accident happened during the first trimester of my second child. The entire pregnancy was hard and very painful as the doctors could not prescribe me pain medication.

I did a lot of physical, occupational, speech, and language therapies. The speech and language therapies were to help me with my head injury. I had sustained a concussion that caused me to be confused and unable to focus. All these caused me to leave my career to focus on my healing and give birth to my son.

Sixteen months later, I continued to suffer pain in my neck, back, knee, and wrist. A big wave of pain would come over my body every now and then. There was nothing I could do but exercise. Even then, I had to take it easy and light otherwise the pain would return.

I began watching Pastor Prince for my marriage but soon craved the sermons for my health. Pastor Prince’s messages helped my marriage and healed my body! Once, I was watching his sermon and he said, “Whoever is suffering joint pain, stand up now and move. Your pain is gone.” I stood up and moved my whole body. My back, arms, legs, ankles, and wrist. I felt a tingling, warm sensation and my body felt great. The pain was gone!

I began to cry, thanking the Lord for His love and healing. I am healed! Usually, I would wake up stiff and needed pain medication to get me going in the mornings but not anymore. I am in my 30s but the pain in my body made me feel so old, and I didn’t like the state I was in. Now I stand tall, keeping my eyes on Jesus. Thank you so much, Pastor Prince, for your messages of truth and hope. God bless you!

Jessica High
New Mexico, United States