Healed of Pneumonia, Protected During COVID-19

On February 4, I went to the doctor as I was down with a sore throat and cough. I was diagnosed with having the flu virus and given 2 days of medical leave. I visited the doctor again on February 7 because I was still coughing. He extended my medical leave and also referred me to take a chest X-ray the same day.

Two days later on February 9, I visited my doctor again because I was still unwell and was given another 2 more days of medical leave.

I returned to the clinic to collect my X-ray result on February 11. It showed evidence of pneumonia so my doctor extended my medical leave by another 3 days. He also gave me an option to go to the hospital for further testing due to my pneumonia symptoms. As I was afraid to go for further testing, I asked for a stronger dose of antibiotics.

The next morning, I was informed by my doctor that the Ministry of Health had just imposed a law that required all patients with pneumonia to admit themselves to the hospital for COVID-19 testing. I was a bit shaken by the news but decided to obey instructions and went to the nearest hospital with my X-ray scans for further testing.

My husband was not allowed to accompany me as they needed to isolate patients from the public. It was a long wait in the A&E, so I spent my time talking to God and praying in tongues.

I told God to be with me, to take away my fear, and to give me the strength to go through this difficult time. I prayed, “As Jesus does not have the Coronavirus, so am I free of it in this world.”

When it was my turn, I asked the doctor if I could have an X-ray taken again. He agreed even though he said the results would not turn out any different as my first X-ray was taken just 4 days ago.

When he called me back in again to review my X-ray result, he was surprised as my scan showed that there were no more patches! I was so relieved and thanked God for this miracle. If my results had shown signs of pneumonia, I would have needed to undergo further testing for the virus that could have been very scary and tormenting for me.

I am now fully recovered and am certified fit to go back to work. Thank You, Jesus, for this miraculous healing. To God be all the glory, praise, and honor!

Cynthia Ng