Provision of Practical Help While Lost in Forest

I was on my way home from a pre-wedding shoot in a pine forest. The road was very winding and dangerous, our maps didn’t help us and we end up losing our way.

We noticed car traveling behind us and stopped our car. Our intention was to ask him for directions. To our shock, he told us one of our tires was torn and very badly damaged. I immediately prayed in tongues in a whisper as I was so panicky. Honestly, we were suspicious of the man, thinking that he might have damaged our tire, but we really needed help.

But he actually helped us to change our tire right in the middle of the steep road! I remembered one of Pastor Prince’s Daily Grace Inspirations about angels God sends to protect us and realized the man could be an angel sent by the Lord to help us. Praise the Lord! I can’t imagine what would have happened if we continued our journey without knowing our tire was badly damaged.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for helping me understand the Lord always loves, protects, and provides for me.