Home Protected from Gas Explosion After Applying Anointing Oil

I have been listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons for a number of years. His sermons on the anointing oil have particularly impacted me.

Sometime last year, my husband was admitted to the hospital for a month due to a kidney infection. During that time, I was under so much stress I was unable to pay proper attention to my home.

When my husband was discharged, my children told me there was a smell coming out of the gas cylinder in our kitchen. However, I could not smell anything.

One day, my husband’s ex-colleague came over to visit him. As he works with gas cylinders and stoves, I asked him to check our gas cylinder. When he examined it, he realized the pipe that linked the gas cylinder to the stove was not connected properly. He told me this could have caused a gas explosion!

Suddenly, I remembered that before I visited my husband in the hospital, I would apply anointing oil to the gas cylinder and stove and ask Jesus to take care of my kitchen and children—and He did.

Praise the Lord!