Son Protected from Car Crash on Freeway

Pastor Prince, I came across your message The Healing Power of a Joyful Heart playing on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) one morning. I stopped and stood with my hands lifted as you prayed over the congregation and those who were watching. You prayed for protection from harm, from danger, from tragedy, and all power from the evil one. Then you also declared the words for “they and their loved ones.”

In the evening, I called my 23-year-old son who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. His job requires him to drive daily to different hospitals. He told me he encountered a near-accident that day while driving on an extremely dangerous and fast-moving freeway. He was in the far right lane about to make his exit when a vehicle went onto the shoulder of the road, quickly pulled in front of him, then stopped suddenly on the freeway!

My son slammed the brakes and exclaimed, “God, You have to help!” because an 18-wheeler truck was coming behind him, braking, and skidding to keep from rear-ending him. Cars were speeding pass the truck but when they saw the 2 stationary vehicles, they began braking and skidding. My son could smell the burning rubber from all the screeching vehicles behind him and around him, but not one vehicle crashed.

The angels of the Lord had hearkened to his prayer! I knew immediately that the prayer of protection I heard in the morning was anointed. Our Father knew this prayer needed to be prayed for my son and all of the people who could have been hurt in a pile-up crash.

I thank God with all of my heart, and thank you for your bold, anointed prayers. I have recorded 19 of your episodes where your prayers have touched my heart. I am so thankful for your ministry!

Alabama, United States