Husband and Wife Healed of COVID-19, Children Protected from Virus

In October 2020, my wife and I, along with our 2 household helpers, tested positive for COVID-19. Our 2 young kids also took the test but the results were negative. We had been claiming Psalm 91 and were partaking of the holy Communion every day, just as Pastor Prince encouraged us to do in his sermons.

We continued by faith in the daily partaking of the holy Communion, greatly comforted by the various testimonies on his ministry’s website. During this period, I was led by the Spirit to Psalm 91:15 and was greatly encouraged. God in His infinite grace kept us safe and healthy throughout the home quarantine period without any associated symptoms.

After the stipulated quarantine period, all 4 of us retook the test and were declared negative for COVID-19. Our 2 young kids also took the test and tested negative again. As a parent, I declare Proverbs 11:21 over my 2 children daily. God confirmed His infallible Word when both of them tested negative twice at separate intervals despite being unable to maintain isolation from their mother during the quarantine period.

God’s promise in Proverbs 12:13 that the righteous will come through trouble was my comfort and assurance throughout the whole ordeal. All glory to God for His supernatural care and divine deliverance!

Pastor Prince, my life has been immeasurably blessed by your ministry and the liberating gospel of grace you preach. I thank God for leading me to your ministry that has greatly blessed me in growing in a greater level of intimacy with my Lord. Hallelujah!

Arilong Longkumer