Husband Blessed with Job Again

My testimony appears on Day 80 in the Reign in Life book by Pastor Prince. I am “Kirsten” from Florida who asked God to give us something that day based solely on His grace and not our own efforts. Less than 30 minutes after praying that prayer, my husband’s old boss called, offering him his old job back. I had to write and tell you that it happened AGAIN.

In the old job my husband got back, he was demoted after some time for “making too much money” as it was commission based. For 2 months, Dan* tried to make the new position work but with the longer hours, lesser pay, and more frustrations, we decided after praying that it was time to move on to something else.

A day or two later, my testimony popped up again on Joseph Prince’s daily email devotional. I rejoiced at being reminded of God’s awesome power and grace in our lives. As I was going to the porch to tell Dan about it, the phone rang. It was his friend who was offering him a position with his company.

Now this position is one Dan has wanted for years. We even put aside money in case this opportunity came up, knowing it might take some time to get it off the ground. It is low stress, fewer hours, working from home, and something he loves to do. While still on the phone, we looked at each other with tears in our eyes, amazed that our dream was coming true AGAIN—on the very day my testimony appeared in the email devotional.

Since starting this new position, we have had much more time together and have fallen even more in love, more than I ever thought possible. And our savings? We didn’t even need to touch it. God restores and makes good any and every situation and circumstance in our lives. His timing is right on time. He is such a good God!

*Names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Florida, United States