Family Experiencing Victory and Blessings after Receiving God’s Grace

Pastor Prince, I have been watching your program for several years now and have also read 3 of your books, including The Prayer of Protection, which has been especially strengthening.

The pure gospel of grace and its truths revealed through your ministry resonates so much with me. As I listen and read about God’s grace, I experience His genuine love for me. I feel qualified for all His blessings. All I need is to rest in Him and do as He leads and enables. And I know that I can call on Him for everything and anything.

Your teaching continuously reminds me to let Jesus be everything to me and my family—our righteousness, our strength, our faith, our protection, and our recompense for all things the enemy has stolen. We also started partaking of the Holy Communion together, declaring the Lord’s protection, victory, and blessings over our lives.

The Lord has given me the certainty and peace to believe and to let Him take care of us. In a year and a half, He has given us restoration in so many areas and His blessings are abundant.

It started with a miraculous one-time payment of a longstanding student loan debt. With this, God gave us a confirmation that He was starting to repay us for what had been stolen from us. A family property that has been around for 3 generations is now worth multiple times its original value because the block that is adjacent to it is being refurbished by the city.

My husband was also given a job offer that not only pays much more than he was making, but also gives him the opportunity to do what he has always wanted to do. The gifts and talents that our children have keep growing and doors of opportunity have opened for them.

In addition, God has given me a vocation that gives me much personal joy and satisfaction. He has accelerated my productivity in more ways than I could ever imagine. The Lord also answered my prayer for the miraculous healing of my mother for a serious back condition that she was awaiting surgery for.

Our faith has grown because of the faithfulness of God toward our family and all He has done to bless us. As we gave Him our battles, He gave us victory and restoration in ways we never expected.

Thank you for helping us to experience God’s true heart, to trust Him as our defender, and to experience His abundance of grace!

Colorado, United States